Tuesday, 3 November 2009


I don't know whether today's markets just suited my style, but today's trading went so smoothly. I traded 14 markets, with only 2 small losses, one of them £0.01, and I made way over my daily target of £3. I felt in control, not emotionally involved in the markets, picked good entry points, was patient when there seemed to be no opportunities, my mind was alert and thinking well, and I was quick to analyse when I thought a position was going against me and got out straight away. The only slight downside was that I was caught In-Play twice when I was trading too close to the off, I got away with it both times, but I know that eventually I will get caught out, probably badly, and need to eradicate that flaw in my trading.

I feel that I have made a large leap to the next level over the last few days, having thought about where I am going wrong( not taking and dealing with losses), read "Trading in the Zone", watched videos of other people trading - this video particularly made a big impression on me - I will see what happens in the next few days, many times I have thought this and been brought crashing back to earth.


  1. You will get caught out in play at some point. It is my biggest vice in terms of trading, oh and all the others you have mentioned in your blog. I could have actually written this.

    With me it is a mental thing and I have to overcome that otherwise I am going to have to go back to the city to work.

    Your blog name could be mine, however, I called mine No More In Play.

    I'll put it out there when I finally manage to a go a day without going in play. Ha Ha

  2. Thanks for the comments, hopefully we can both master this.