Thursday, 12 November 2009

back in the black

I have been trading quite well in the last few days, and have clawed back all the losses from a few days ago. It would have been 4 green days in a row, if I hadn't been a bit too greedy in the last race, and put in a really stupid trade, which wiped out my whole days profit. I was greened up in that race too ( havent I been here before?).

I still feel that I am making some progress. I am beginning to actively accept that some trades may make a loss, am choosing a point where I will cut out, and putting the trade in without ( much) fear. This is made easier by the fact that I know that I can make the loss back easily in the next race, or even the same race a lot of the time. This is the sort of mindset that I think is needed to be successful. So maybe I am starting to conquer the fear. Greed, on the other hand, still has a big hold over me.

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