Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Found it hard going today, nothing I did seemed to come off.
Feeling a bit discouraged but still ended day with small green.


  1. It was hard going, nothing you did came off but you ended with a green and you're disappointed and discouraged ??? Be grateful of small mercies you'll have plenty of hard days like this and few will end up in profit.

  2. thanks for the comments, anonymous. You are right, considering where I was even just a few months ago, I should be pleased that a tough day still ended ok. Are you speaking from experience when you say there will be plenty of hard days like this? I was wondering, you see ppl publishing their PnL's with hundreds or even thousands a day, how do they do on these sort of days?

  3. It was what I call an 'opposite' day - where the opposite happens to what you think should. I suspect more spoofers and bots are out on these particular days. However, doing the opposite of what you think isn't always easy!