Saturday, 28 November 2009


The last 2 days I have been consciously looking for only swing trades, and it has been going a lot better. It means putting a lot less trades in, and being a bit more patient, which has been difficult, as I feel I should be hitting the markets hard. Also I am worried that I am changing my trading style in reaction to past days trading, becoming a bit more tentative and conservative than I should be. I guess I should be adjusting my trading style to each market, treating each one as unique, but it's hard to work out what a market is doing until you have watched it for a while, and by then its too late, its in-play!
Today I had a 100% strike rate in races, so am really pleased with that. I think have been overly critical and pessimistic of my trading in the last week, as, looking at my records, it looks like I'm doing fine for the stage I am at. I will probably take a day off tomorrow, maybe 2, and post a monthly results post.

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