Sunday, 1 November 2009

5 winning days in a row!

After the disastrous day which caused me to start writing the blog, I have had 5 winning days in a row, I'm feeling fairly proud of myself. When I get a good run I starting calculating how much I could win if my stakes were £x and how much I would be happy with per month, which is fair enough but I need to be careful not to let it affect my trading. Focusing on how much you are making, or losing if you are having a bad day, seems to separate you from the market a bit, and cloud your judgement.

Anyway, my october results are

PnL = -£5.01
Strike rate(races) = 62.87%

I am going to stay with £10 stakes for the time being. I am aiming to make an average of £3 a day, am looking for a bit more consistency, and would like my strike rate to be a bit higher


  1. Just noticed your blog, best of luck mate.

  2. thanks :)

    good luck to you too