Friday, 8 January 2010

Wtf just happened?

I was glad to get an opportunity to trade today, with 2 meetings making it through the weather. I wish I hadn't bothered now. Seemed like every single trade I put in went wrong, and I was finding it hard to keep my composure. It finally all went to pieces when I traded too close to the off,the race went in play, tried to close out twice, then both close outs got taken and of course the price went the wrong way making it even worse. I ended up with an £8 loss in that race.The days total was a £15.34 loss. This is my first losing day for over a month(although I haven't managed to trade a lot recently) and I am finding it hard to take. I guess it gives good warning that I still have a lot of work to do mentally. When its all going along smoothly you can get tricked into thinking that you have it cracked and your emotions are under control, and its not until things really start to go wrong that you find out where you are at. I still don't understand how I can have got it so horribly wrong after months of getting it right.


  1. Yeah, those sorts of losses bring you down to Earth with a bump I find. I always say to myself now:

    "Easy to lose, hard to win"

    Like most things in life, I suppose. Hang in there mate - things can only improve once we get through this cold snap.

  2. I traded the first 4 races perfectly and then messed up the 5th. After that I seemed to lose my composure.

    There is something about the AW cards I just don't feel comfortable with.

    Problem for me is I can make £10 profit on races quite easily but then lose again I can lose £40. I don't have the confidence to run my winners longer. Therefore when a £40 loss comes along it wipes out hard earned profit.

    The temptation to go in play on the £40 loss is then there.

    Limiting my losses is the thing that is stopping me make good regular money on this, I just stare at the rowing red hoping it will turn the other way!!

    Your not alone.