Sunday, 3 January 2010

Running out of ideas

I am guessing that this blog isnt that interesting, I wasnt expecting it to be when I started, the main reason to write it was to help me improve my trading, which it has done fairly well. I am still making some errors though, and one thing I need to highlight , Stop trading too close to the off!! or to put it more positively - "I will close all my trades at the official off time"

There are only so many posts I can do saying " I had some bad races, but ended up in profit for the day" which seems to be the general trend of my trading at the moment. I enjoy writing the blog, and it definitely helps so I need some fresh ideas and perspective on my trading to write about! What these are I have no idea, so any suggestions welcome :)

I am getting together my emergency back up, as I intend over the next few months to keep raising my stakes, and need cover for when there is a power-cut, or my PC dies. Orange have a cheap mobile broadband at the moment, £5 a month for 500Mb, which should be enough if I load The Toy on my laptop and turn off the API until needed. I think I will also check out how easy it is to place a bet over the phone.


  1. Hi there

    I hope you have a cracking 2010, I was just wondering if you wanted to exchange links?

    keep up the good work


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  3. sorry m8, I dont want any links on my blog that point to betting systems, Ive heard about sports betting champ before, both good and bad things, so I am not going to add ur link