Thursday, 14 January 2010

In a slump

I feel like I have been really struggling lately, every race is a stressful affair, holding my breath waiting for the market to go against me. The fact that I have had 2 really bad days doesn't help. I know Ive been here before, at the start of december I had 2 bad days and still recovered well. At times like these I start to despair that I will ever make this worthwhile. Im not even aiming high, I'm not looking for hundreds a day, £20-£30 a day would be amazing for me( at least for now), but that seems so far away at the moment. I know people say "its a bad time of year" but the good traders are still making money, and lots of it. I am stuck in my development and dont seem to be getting any better. The fact that my journey to this point has probably taken 6 times as long as anyone else sometimes makes me wonder if I am cut out for this. Don't get me wrong, I have no intention of giving up but some sort of sign of progress or feeling that my goals are within my grasp would help spur me on.
I am around break even for January so far, I guess that is something positive anyway.

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