Friday, 15 January 2010


After the doom and gloom of my last post, I wasn't feeling too confident about todays trading, I had a few decent races, one race with a fairly big loss, but it all seemed to be going along ok, although I wasn't feeling that positive, and don't think I traded very well. Then the last race I traded, everything seemed to go right, I felt like I read the market well, had good entry and exit points, and ended up with £4.35 green! Wow, probably my best race ever. And when I looked at my PnL for the day, I got a big surprise, £14.45 , my best day ever. I knew I was on for an ok day but with the big loss I didnt expect that at all. Just shows what a strange game this trading is, and how the "random sequence of wins and losses" effect can manifest itself over time. I guess I need to be a little less negative when things are going badly. I do need to minimise or cut out the losing days if possible though, and learn to stay in control and disciplined.

I have changed my trading slightly in the last few days. I used to only start trading with 5 minutes to go till the off. I am now looking to trade from 10 minutes to go. Twice as much time should mean twice as much opportunites and twice as much practice. I will see how it goes.


  1. Minimize the losses and maximize the wins my friend.

    Congrats on your best ever day. :-)

  2. I guess u could say well done , but if the 4 days before that I lose more than I did on my best day, then its not so good.