Friday, 1 January 2010

December summary

PnL : £70.92

Yet again, my best ever month, due to the fact that I doubled my stakes at the start of the month. I also think my trading has improved, as I only traded just over half the possible days this month, but still did better than double last months profit. There were a few days where the average loss was quite big, but that was due to having a small number of losing races, where 1 or 2 losses would be large. I am looking to bring my average loss down if possible over the next month. I am very encouraged by these results, I have consolidated on what I have learned over the last few months, and am making slow upward progress.

My strike rate seemed to be a lot better this month, mostly in the 70's, with the average increasing as the month went on.

My average win increased slightly throughout the month,I think this shows I am still progressing. My average loss seemed to decrease over the month, although looking at the graph and the PnL above I dont see how this is necessarily possible.

So, my aim for January is to have my first ever £100+ month and to work on reducing the average loss. I need to keep tight control on trading too close to the off ( which did result in 1 or 2 losses over the month), by closing all trades at the official off time. I will make sure I am keeping my concentration levels up by taking small breaks and drinking lots of water. I am also thinking about raising the stakes again, but the last 2 months I have done that at the start of the month, I have struggled for the first few days, so I might wait till the middle of the month.


  1. what sort of return are you getting per £1 backed ?

  2. I think it will be quite low, as I know that other people are getting better results with lower stakes. I used £20 stakes and had £40,500 matched over the month, so if I half that to give £20,250 backed then my return is 0.35%. it is something else I know I have to work on, getting my returns up a bit

  3. hello mate, I have added your link to my blog and was wondering if you could do the same?

    Many Thanks

  4. thanks, have added your blog to my list

  5. don't be too dissapointed with 0.35% Adam Heathcotes figures were under 0.2% and he does OK. You'll be lucky to ever break 1% return on a consistent basis

  6. Hey Im not dissapointed at all, I am pleased to be in profit. I think AH's figures were return on total matched, so mine would be 0.17% which still compares well to his figure I guess.