Monday, 19 July 2010

Im still here!

Thanks to everyone who left comments on my last post. A couple of people seem to think I am giving up, but I am still here. I havent updated the blog for a couple of weeks as I havent had much to say, and have been considering some of the questions that were raised in my last post. I am still trading as much as I can, am in profit most of the time, and am gradually erasing the errors that cost me so much( I hope).
On saturday the bomber was out and throwing his money into the market again. Last time I was trading when he was around, it cost me £78, so this time I was much more careful, only backed first, didnt leave any lays lying around, and tried to profit from him. It didnt work out so well, was break even most of the day, so I stopped early.
I am now trying to pay more attention to market conditions, and changing my strategy accordingly, instead of going in and hoping that the way I trade will work. Early in the week, for example, I find trading difficult and stressful, as there is not much money about, a lot of spoofing going on, and so have started looking for lower risk opportunities on these days, since, if I get it wrong, it is very difficult to get out again with just a small loss.
I am still considering the future, and how best to progress from where I am now. I do have doubts sometimes about whether I can really make it work, but for now am determined to keep trying and keep improving.


  1. You have been doing this for ages and just not cut it. It's painful reading your blog as you don't seem very happy.

    Find something you are good at and can be happy doing. It seems you are destroying yourself. Money isn't everything.

  2. a good hard reality check there.
    These are points that I am considering at the moment, but I dont think I am ready to give up just yet. I have heard it said a few times that it is only a small step from being break even or having small profits, to making good money. I am generally profitable, so just need to make that final step.
    As for money not being everything, I agree, and that is probably part of the problem, that I dont want it enough.