Tuesday, 20 April 2010

a bit scary

Just a note that I have changed my stakes slightly, I used to use level staking across all odds of £35, but now have changed to Liability staking of £150, so my stakes will vary depending on the odds. It is a bit scarey sometimes to be using stakes 3 times what I am used to, although a tick isnt a huge amount of money. I haven't made much with the new stakes, but I havent lost any yet either. When I was trading on a favorite at odds of 1.15 it meant that my stake was £1000, yikes. I did manage to make a small amount on that race, but I think I will be very careful until I am more confident on those sort of races.


  1. I like trading those odds. It's important to get your entry correct though if laying as they can still come in late but you'll find plenty of layers willing to take them on early just because of the price but later the form backers will push them in close to the off. Also watch those with pictures doesn't take much for those odds to drift by a large % if they start playing up or don't travel well on the way to the start

  2. thanks for the comments. Ye the entry point is very important, and quite hard to get, since there is usually 10K or more sitting at each price.