Thursday, 18 February 2010


Last two days have felt like a bit of a struggle compared to earlier in the month. It feels like there is a bit less money in the markets, and they are a bit more unpredictable. I have found myself hitting a few more losing races, and my anger has been building. Its stupid to get angry, I know, but its been happening quite a lot as I perceive the market turning on me. I try to take a minute after each losing race to feel calm and accept the loss, and this does help, but when something like today happens, I end up just exploding. Things were going along ok, then I hit a £3.25 loss when trying to lay a horse close to the off time, as it looked to be drifting, but it came back in, as they often do. a couple of races later, I saw a horse drifting a bit close to the off time, so I thought " this time, I am not going to get caught out laying it when its obviously going to just come back in, so I will back it!!"
of course, it went through the price so I thought, " well, it will still come in, so I will back it again!!!".
Price continues out, and there's a few seconds before off time, so I did a final back waiting for it to come back in, it never did, and I took a £7.57 loss just before the race started. At least I didn't go in play I suppose. I was absolutely raging. Stupid to be so angry over something I have no control over, and the things I did have control over, ie entry and exit points, were done to the best of my abilities. I think I was extra angry because this is my first losing day this month, and everything had been going really well up to now. I need to make sure that I deal with this, accept it, and keep trading the way I have been.


  1. Hang in there mate, you obviously know how to trade now, one bad day doesn't mean anything best thing is you haven't gone inplay and live to fight another day.

  2. thanks JS. My post wasnt so much about the loss, it was about the way I became so angry, and I dont think that is good for my trading.