Sunday, 28 February 2010

February Summary

Ive got to be pleased with this months results, only 1 losing day, and I feel like I have made big strides forward in consistency and discipline. I am still hitting some big losses sometimes, from entering the market at the wrong time, but even my bad days are still ending up in profit, I am taking the losses well, and I am not going in play. I have started tidying up my positions when it hits 1 minute to the off, and am aiming to not open any new positions after that, as I have been caught out too many times by the unpredictable movements, and there is also the added danger of being caught in play.

Heres my PnL for the month

And the average win and loss per day

I raised my stakes to £35 for the last few days of the month, and that will account for some of the reasons why my average loss was increasing, but I am still hitting too many large losses for my liking. I know that stopping trading earlier will help lower this.

My strike rate

I did find the second half of the month a bit more of a struggle, with more losing races.

I know that there are still areas I can improve on( concentration, patience, dedication, controlling my greed and sometimes boredom) but this month has been a real encouragement.


  1. I have read a couple of your posts and I thought I would just do a quick note to say I know how you feel! I back when I should lay and visa versa. However I have been trading now for only around 7 weeks and I do keep to a set routine. This so far has served me well but I am still trying to learn the markets. Good luck.

  2. Thanks for your comment darren, good luck to you too

  3. Mate, that's a cracking month. Great consistency.

  4. thanks, I am really pleased with how it went

  5. Excellent stuff, well done - keep it up!