Wednesday, 9 December 2009


The markets have been really swingy recently, I have had to adjust to ( or learn ) a new trading style to be able to deal with it. It means being much more cautious, choosing "safe" entry points, and cutting out as soon as it moves against you, or scratching if the move doesn't materialise in the first few seconds.
The 14:20 at hexam today was just ridiculous though. The favorite swung from 3.5 to 5 early on, then with about 5 minutes to go, came back in to close to 3!.

I had laid at around 5 ( lol) as it looked like the second fav was coming in, luckily I got out with a smallish red which I was able to get back.
I dont understand how to make money from these big swings, as unless you get on right at the start, there is no guarantee ( in fact it seems less and less likely the further it goes) that it will keep going. I wasnt confident enough to jump on the swing at any time, until it had started going out again, as the 2nd favorite was coming in fast. If I understood what makes these swings happen then I may find it easier to profit from them.

overall I was quite happy with the days profit though, the last few days have gone fairly well after a poor start to the month

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