Saturday, 13 March 2010

Dont take it personally

Does it ever seem like the markets have it in for you? That they are just waiting for you to enter your trade and then go against it? I have felt like this at times over the last couple of weeks, as I keep getting caught out by unexpected fast moves. Obviously I know on an intellectual level that the market is impersonal and uncaring, just doing its own thing with no regard for what most of us are doing. But on an emotional level it is hard not to feel sometimes that the markets are targeting you specifically and just waiting to pounce on your ill-timed trade. This is not a good mindset for your trading as you will feel anger towards the markets, which will lower your concentration and block out the information you need to take in, as well as perhaps making you start not to care about your results, or end up putting in unthinking trades in an attempt to get back your losses. This is something I am going to have be wary of.

I only managed to trade the 2 evening meetings yesterday, but I did ok, making about a tenner. I usually find the evening meetings easier to trade, less spoofers, slightly less volatile. The only problem is the crazy guy who every now and then sticks in huge back bets near to the off, but I managed to stay clear of him last night.

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  1. Hi Neil

    Just came across your blog, a good read.

    Have added you to my blog list, and was wondering if you could do the same with mine please?

    I follow horse racing market moves and am looking forward to a strong next few months.